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We believe in wearing the right PPE for every job. But what is PPE, and are YOU wearing the right PPE in your own home?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It represents everything we wear to protect ourselves. It includes gloves, safety glasses, bodysuits, earplugs, and much more. But when we ask if you are wearing the right PPE in your own home, what do we mean?

Many homeowners don’t give much thought to PPE, but the home is where a large portion of injuries and poisonings happen. For instance, we use household bleach and cleaners all the time. But many of these cleaners are fairly toxic, especially in closed spaces.

Imagine if you got bleach in your eyes. What if you accidentally sprayed cleaner in your mouth? What if you spilled two chemicals on the floor together (like bleach and ammonia – which is very toxic and deadly when mixed together).

These are just some examples of why protecting yourself is very important. Good ventilation, safety glasses, gloves, and proper masks are all very important when working with household cleaners or other chemicals.

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