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Los Angeles Lead Inspection and Testing Services

Lead is still one of the leading causes of health issues in young children, and is theorized to be one of the big contributors to bad health effects in older adults as well. Hire us to perform a professional lead inspection of your home.


Search & Identify

We start all of our inspection processes by identifying key areas. The primary ways lead affects people is through lead paint dust and through lead water lines. We work hard to identify specific areas and issues.



After we have identified the target areas in a home, we make sure to thoroughly test for lead. This is part of the process that takes great skill and care to test properly and use the proper controls to get accurate information and results.



Lead is a critical issue in any home – especially when children are involved. We make sure our reports clearly outline what we found – and where we found it. This enables you to know what to do next and protect your family.

Where is Lead Found?

As we mentioned before, two primary areas are lead paint and lead water pipes. Many times the plumbing pipe issue can be resolved to a certain extent with additional filters or replacements of pipes. But lead paint is one of the main issues. Lead paint on doors, windows, and other areas release a dust that is generally invisible to the human eye, but deadly – especially to children. That is why professional testing is critical. Homes built before 1978 need to be especially aware of this.

Lead and Your Health

Lead affects children more than anyone else, especially children under the age of 6. Because their brains are not fully developed, lead can have deep effects on them.

Lead is a neurological toxin that affects cognitive abilities and can cause a host of other health issues.

Especially if you have small children, be sure to have your home professionally inspected and tested.


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When it comes to the health of you, your family, or your business and employees – only trust the best. Contact us today to schedule your environmental service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas!

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