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Los Angeles Bacteria and Allergen Testing

The air you breathe and the water you drink are critical aspects of life – but are they safe to drink, or do bacteria and allergens exist there, causing health issues you may be unaware of? Contact us to professionally test your air, water, and more.


Water Testing

Bacteria in water is one of the most common issues we find. Many pathogens exist in our drinking water that we like will never know about without proper testing. Even though you have municipal water, testing is very important.


Air Testing

How clean is the air you breathe? Are you having health issues? We professionally test the air quality of homes and businesses for bacteria, allergens, and other issues that you may be breathing in without ever knowing it.


Surface Testing

Surface testing is an important aspect of what we do. Even though the air testing and water testing aspects are what people are most familiar with, we often find serious bacteria and allergen issues through our surface testing.

When Should You Have Your Home Tested for Bacteria and Allergens?

The answer to this question is quite simple. First, you should test at any time to make sure your home is a safe place for you and your family.

Second, if anyone is having unexplained health issues, this is always a good time to have your home tested by a qualified professional.

Fight Back Against Bacteria and Allergens

Allergens and bacteria in our water, air, and surfaces in our home can lead to many long-lasting health issues.

Having your home professionally tested by us is a cost-effective and easy way to make sure you and your family are happy and healthy in your home.


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When it comes to the health of you, your family, or your business and employees – only trust the best. Contact us today to schedule your environmental service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas!

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