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Los Angeles Asbestos Inspections By True Professionals

Asbestos is one of the best-known health hazards in the United States. For decades, asbestos has affected millions of people and caused countless deaths and battles with cancer and other health issues. Protect yourself and your family with a comprehensive asbestos inspection by the area’s premier inspectors – MLA Environmental.



Not every item in a home is asbestos (or contains a measure of it) but it is often found in areas and components that the average person might not expect – but we are not the average person. We have 20+ years of identifying potential asbestos issues.


Asbestos Testing

Whatever the potential issue is that we find, oftentimes it requires certified testing by a qualified lab to verify an item contains dangerous levels of asbestos. For instance, nine-inch tile contains asbestos, but not all of the time. We use only the mos qualified labs.


Report Findings

We want you to feel confident with the information you have. Our reports clearly outline where we found the suspected asbestos, how/if it was verified, and what the lab findings were. We are also always available after your inspection for additional questions.

Where Can Asbestos Be Found?

Asbestos can be found in many household items. The most common items are floor tiles, roof shingles, certain types of siding, certain wall tiles, insulation, and more. We have found asbestos in many areas and items in homes – most of which were never suspected by the occupants.

Asbestos and Your Health

Asbestos is no laughing matter. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and has taken countless lives. For decades in the past century, homes and buildings were built and remodeled using this dangerous substance.

Most of the well-known health issues come from breathing in the asbestos fibers and then the asbestos affecting the body that way.

Because of this, homes and businesses from certain eras should always have an asbestos inspection.


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When it comes to the health of you, your family, or your business and employees – only trust the best. Contact us today to schedule your environmental service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas!

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