Is carpet flooring really an option for your bathroom? Here are some pros and cons of carpeting on your bathroom floor to help you decide.

Carpet can be very appealing in your bathroom, making it feel very warm and welcoming. Soft to the touch, and, much harder to fall on. In addition, carpet flooring is relatively easy to install and inexpensive.

On the other hand, carpet is infamous for holding water beneath the flooring, whether it be from steam from the shower, water leaking from the toilet, tub, sink, etc. Fungi or mold could begin to grow from the water being held underneath, thus leading to the degradation of the flooring underneath, leading to further problems.

So all in all, carpet is very pleasant to look at, however, with the potential cost of replacing the flooring a second time, it would most likely be better in the long run to choose traditional tile. It is not impossible to have carpeted bathrooms, however much more work and upkeep must be done to continue to maintain the carpet.

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